Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Magickal Things

So I decided to get back into some agency work since leaving my last soul stealing mind destroying excuse for a job and so far I'm glad I have as last week I got to meet a magician, well a 'Magicienne' actually as she's a lady ^_^ I'm keeping names to myself cos it's more secretive and mysterious that way, plus she's my friend and not yours :P

Meeting and talking to her gave me a new lust for life as she enhanced the interest I already had in magic and illusion and it's given me a whole load of new ideas when it comes to my art. Now I just need to buy some new pens and pencils and get these images down on paper. I used to think that once I got one theme out I had to move to another but now I'm thinking bollocks to that, if I wana do a zillion different images based on magick then I will so watch this space :D

I feel it's only necessary to share my love of Dynamo at this point, if you haven't seen him yet, do so! Check out his show reel below:

I hope next time I post I'll have something to show for myself.


Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Lion Hunt

Well here I am, writing my very first blog on what's to become (I hope) a regular thing, I'm doing all I can at the moment to remind myself of why I'm here and doing what I'm doing, I guess like a lot of other creative people I've lost the point in a lot of things lately. I've decided to stop trying to hide what a fucking bampot I am and just live, after all noone knows why we're really here so who can really judge what we do with our time while we are here?

I've been trying to reeducate myself lately, sieving out the shite, getting out and about and soaking up some culture. I don't like to repeat myself or go round and round in circles there is a world out there so why spend your time doing the same old crap every day of your life. Go out and do something.

I went to see the annual Art Exhibition in Bournemouth last week and I have to say I was terribly unimpressed, they were mostly old female 'artists' who get their inspiration from gardening magazines and paint picture of flowers and trees, aesthetically very accurate but where's the god damn imagination? I like to be taken to new places when I look at art not see the same bloody plant I walked past in order to view the damn painting.

However I also went on a bit of a Lion hunt too, the lions created by the Pride in Bournemouth project:!/pages/Pride-in-Bournemouth/150704931609141

I took pictures of the ones I found:

Mist of Bournemouth, my personal favourite




Temba, with real diamonds in his eyes ^_^

My adorable nephew Ethan and Frankenlion ^_^

I think it's an awesome project and really brightens up the same old place you see every day. I take no credit for the design of any of these lions (I guess I should say that so I don't get sued, that and plagiarism is definitely not my bag)

That should conclude my very first blog, maybe I should post some art of my own in the next one but I'm still trying to decide what to show off :D

Until next time.