Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Magickal Things

So I decided to get back into some agency work since leaving my last soul stealing mind destroying excuse for a job and so far I'm glad I have as last week I got to meet a magician, well a 'Magicienne' actually as she's a lady ^_^ I'm keeping names to myself cos it's more secretive and mysterious that way, plus she's my friend and not yours :P

Meeting and talking to her gave me a new lust for life as she enhanced the interest I already had in magic and illusion and it's given me a whole load of new ideas when it comes to my art. Now I just need to buy some new pens and pencils and get these images down on paper. I used to think that once I got one theme out I had to move to another but now I'm thinking bollocks to that, if I wana do a zillion different images based on magick then I will so watch this space :D

I feel it's only necessary to share my love of Dynamo at this point, if you haven't seen him yet, do so! Check out his show reel below:

I hope next time I post I'll have something to show for myself.


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