Sunday, 29 January 2012

My New Bedroom

First Blog I've written in months!! I'm still trying to work my way around this fiddly site >_<

Anyhoo I've finally pulled myself out of my creative hiatus ^_^ I decided to decorate my room not realising just how many pictures and posters I've been collecting and hoarding for the past few years. I've turned my room into a proper little hippy den so I've decided to share it.

Hope you enjoy :)

A small example of my enormous elephant collection ^_^
My dragon collection ^_^
My ornament alter where I keep my guestbook :)

I'm hoping now that my room reflects my personality it will drive me to draw a lot more, but I'm also interested in getting back to making toys, particularly rag dollies and making cards and pretty things I can swap with people, if you're interested please let me know, I'm dying to get back out there :D

Toodle Pip


  1. Looks brilliant, I spy the legend that is Lemmy in there :-)
    Lori x

    1. you sure did, he crops up a few times ^_^ the room still isn't even finished :P thanks for following :) x