Sunday, 29 July 2012

Fae Trois

Hello all :)

Posting tonight as I've just finished a new painting and finally ready to share it! I've been a bit obsessed with checking out fantasy art lately and have come across some absolutely brilliant artists such as Myka Jelina, Octavia CheethamEmily Balivet and Linda Biggs among many, many others! After checking out these brilliant ladies I was finally inspired enough to put paint brush to paper and create something :)

I call it Fae Trois :)

And just for a giggle I thought I'd share the mess I made while painting it ^_^

I'm pretty pleased with it but I'm aware I'm not the best painter in the world but practice makes perfect ^_^ I'm glad to say once I got going on this one I started thinking of more and more ideas for new pieces, so hopefully the next one will be better and so on and so forth :D

That's all I've got to show for today, I'll be back when I've created a new masterpiece :D

Toodle Pip ^_^


  1. Well deserves a round of applause that does :-) I love how colourful all your art is, I can't be doing with subtle, lol! Fabulous darling, keep on painting and show the world how brilliant your art is :-)
    Lori xx

    1. Thanks Lori :) I think if someone were to ask me what's most important to me when I create I'd have to say colour!! This and my last painting are both on my livingroom wall now and there's lots of space left so I gota press on and do lots more :)


  2. Brilliant! So you should be pleased with it.Gorgeous and colourful and fantabulous^_^

    1. Thank you Steph ^_^ I've got a sketch ready of my next piece, I just need to add the meat :D