Friday, 8 June 2012

~*^_^ Swaps Swaps Swaps ^_^*~

Hallo everyone ^_^

I'm very happy to post today as I have lots of new things to show from my swap with the fabulous Steph :)

It was (loosely) based on three themes; Alice in Wonderland, Roald Dahl and Elephants ^_^ but we each went on a personal tangent to surprise each other and I'm confident to say that it worked :)

Anywho on with the showing off:

First off a beautifully composed Alice themed card :) I love the original artwork and the teeny beads lovingly stuck next to it :)

A few of Stephs fabulosuly famous ATCs, Mavis, the Green Man and Alice ^_^ see her gallery here

Elepehants!! Steph knows they're my favourite animal, especially pink ones!! I've decided to call the chrocheted elephant Cora :) The smaller of the 2 was immaculately stitched complete with little mouse to keep her company :P

Little ellie beads! (That Blogger has uploaded sideyways for some reason and I can't fix it! ><) they have little bells in them and are just so cute ^_^ I dunno what I'll use them for yet but I'll think of something!

A llama!! Deviantart have gone Llama crazy lately and this is an homeage to it :) I've named him Dennis :D

Two awesome ami's!! An owl and the eternally brilliant Cheshire Cat! The owls name is Micky :)

Fantastic Mr Fox feltie!! and a weenie Crocodile friend :)

Steph knows all about my obsession with Betty Boop and sent me this amazing fabric! Along with a cross stitched cushion and some awesome Betty ribbon :)

Little charms! I LOVE every single one! I have a bit of a pendent fetish so I might have to find a chain to link these onto or perhaps a charm bracelett!
An adorable mini butterfly stitched cushion Steph made for my mumsie, she was very very pleased with it and absolutely loves it! :)
The back of aforementioned cushion, it reads 'May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun and find your shoulder to light on, To bring you luck, happiness and riches Today, Tomorrow and Beyond' :)

Steph also sent me some oil pastels and paper for me to do some colouring in on rainy days :) and an iron on Betty print with suitable fabric that I'm thinking of making a cushion with :) There was a wonderful Alice themed line drawing too that I've only partly coloured in so far, I'll be sure to upload it all when I've completed it ^_^

I know Steph is planning on sharing the things I made for her soon too and that makes our first official art swap complete!

So to round off thank you sooo much Steph for your wonderful gifts! I'll treasure every one of them :)

Here's to many many many more!!

Hope everyone else is keeping creative and uploading lots of things that will inspire me to get going too :)

Have a colourful weekend everyone! ^_^




  1. WOW fab swop goodies! I especially like the Mr Fox feltie :-) Hope you're having a good week, Lx

    1. yeah they're awesome aren't they! ^_^ i think my favourites are the pink elephants and the Betty Boop cross stitch cushion :D

  2. OOoooooo Steph always does fabulous swap parcels! :-) I love everything, I'm also very very jealous that you have a Mavis Cruet ATC as I'm a huge Willo the Wisp fan :-) I'll have to chack out what you sent to Steph!

    Lori xx

    1. Yeah it's all really nice stuff ^_^ if you ask Steph for a Mavis ATC I'm sure she'll oblige :) hope you liked what I made for her! :D

  3. ^_^ Glad you liked everything and love the names for all of the amis ^_^Look forward to seeing fabulous colour added to the Alice art.Loads of thanks to you too ^_^

    1. yes i loved it all ^_^ most of them have got places to live now :P ...still desperately want to do something with the charms, need to put my thinking cap on!