Saturday, 26 May 2012

Day Trip to the Titanic Museum

Hallo all,

I've been working on my swap with Steph and paintings for the exhibition I'll be in at the end of June that I've neglected my blog a bit lately, I don't have any new artsy things to show at the moment so I thought I'd share the pictures I took to my day trip to Southampton the other day instead :)

My mum's friend was visiting for a week and he had the bright idea of taking us to the Titanic Museum, you weren't allowed to take pictures but I was naughty and managed to catch a few ^_^

Entrance to the museum :)

Pretty fragrance bottles, from the real ship! (I love scent bottles)

Engraved hip flask :)

Pocket Watch ^^

Cute little tea set

Titanic printed money

Model of the ship :)

Pretty stained glass, the boats at the top moved like they were really floating :)

I think this was a model of the Queen Mary :P

Ships wheel :)

I got to pretend I was steering the Titanic ^_^

Pretty Archway
There was also a small cinema type room that played recordings from some of the Titanic survivors talking about the night the ship sank, it was really atmospheric and daunting, but I love history so really enjoyed it :)

In other news my space at the Pinewalk Exhibition has been confirmed and I'll be displaying there for 2 days, wish me luck in selling something!

Hopefully my next post will be sharing the lovely things I recieve from Steph and the presents I made for here too :)

Ciao for now :D


  1. Really glad you had a good day out ^_^ Of course you know I wish you loads of luck, but I'll wish you more ^_^Soooo excited about our swap!Look forward to seeing what you think of everything ^_^

    1. me tooo!! i've had a lot of fun making things for you and i keep thinking of little extra things to add to it, i hope you're guna like it :P

  2. Great photos! Looking forward to seeing your swop goodies. Good luck with the exhibition! Laura x

    1. Thanks! i'm looking forward to sharing it all on blogger :) x

  3. Hope all goes fabulous for the exhibition and you sell loads :-)
    Love the pics from the museum, sneaky of you to get them!

    I know what Steph's made you for the swap but not telling!

    Lori xx

    1. hehe thanks, yeah it was a bit sneaky of me but everything was so pretty i needed some snapshots! ^_^

      Oooh yaaay, has she made me something nice? :P i dunnowhy i'm asking cos she obviously has :) if you send me your email address i can let you know what i've done for her too :)