Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Wallpapers, Exhibitions and Swaps

Hallo all! ^_^

I'm sharing today as I've got quite a few arty things going on which makes a radical change!

To start with I'm happy to announce that I've been included on the Bournemouth Based Artists websites which you can find here My friend Annika is also included and she is well worth checking out!

My website is officially up and running here. The only thing I wish I could change about it is the domain title but other than that I'm really pleased with it, Wix is also a really good web hosting site so I recommend it to anyone else who's thinking of creating their own site!

I'm working on another A2 size painting at the mo but as it's taking a while I decided to get creative digitally and created some wallpapers, a few years ago I dabbled in making some colourful fractal type images and in the past few days I decided to give it another go, here is a collection of my favourites:

Cerulean Beast


Rainbow Tornado

Purple Passion

Electric Wizard

Tunnel of Love


Great Tide

Son of Ice



Oki so I have quite a few favourites :P I do like making them though, you can find the full collection on my Picasa Album here ^_^

I have a chance at exhibiting at an annual exhibition here in Bournemouth this summer, I'm thinking of sending these images off as prints, do you think they would sell? If I don't exhibit at the gallery I may try and sell these as prints elsewhere, I'll have to see what happens ^_^

I've finally started brainstorming ideas for my up and coming art trade with Steph I'm buzzing with ideas now and can't wait to get started :)

Well I've rambled on long enough for tonight :P

Looking forward to everyones newest creations!

Until next time!!


  1. Love those! The rainbow tornado is my favourite :-) Congrats on the website and being featured on the Bournemouth artists website, I'm off to have a look around them.
    Look forward to seeing what you and Steph come up with for the trade!
    Lori xx

    1. thanks Lori ^_^ i like looking at them they can completely warp your mind can't they lolz, what did you think of my website? i really appreciate you taking the time to have a look ^_^

      I'm really looking forward to the trade too, i'm just waiting for pay day to stock up on supplies then i'm guna get started ^_^

  2. Lovely blog with so many interesting and inspiring posts! Love your work:) Would you like to follow each other?

    1. hii, thanks!! i just checked out your blog, maybe you could gimme some style tips :P i'd def like to follow each other :)

  3. Hey kazz ^_^
    Congrats on all of the fab things...Bournmouth artist website...your website and everything ^_^ Already said it but worth saying again ^_^ Go for it with your pics for the exhibiton, you can never predict what will or won't sell until you try it, but they are fab and funky so should definitely appeal ^_^
    So looking forward to our swap ^_^

  4. Wow, fab artworks! I think I like rainbow tornado best too :-) Congrats on being featured on that website, it's great and your friend's art is really cool too. Your new website looks fantastic too. Can't wait to see what you and Steph come up with for your swop! Laura x

    1. thanks Laura :) The Rainbow Tornado one is my fave of the bunch as well :)

      My swap with Steph is well under way now, we're sending it off end of this week/early next, I can't wait to see what awesome things she's made! :)