Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Paintings and Things

Greetings ^_^

Thought it was time for a new post as I've just finished my first attempt at a painting in 6 years and only just got round to taking photographs of it :P

After checking out artists such as Josephine Wall and Linda Ravenscroft I've been overwhelmed with fantasy and brightly coloured themes and it reminded me of a project I did while I was studying illustration.

The brief was to illustrate a playing card without using a literal representation of the face/number or the suit. I chose the 2 of Hearts and this is the idea I came up with:

I decided to revisit the idea after seeing so many wonderful artwork by well known and not so well known fantasy artists, I changed it a lot from the original one I came out with which was very flat and just well... crap!! But the idea always stuck with me ^_^

It was fun getting back into using crazy, whimsical colours and hiding things in amongst the shrubbery, now my brain is full to the brim with ideas! :D

I'll be back as soon as I've got something else worth showing!

Untill next time ^_^


  1. Wow that is beautiful! Love the bright colors & all the little details! Have fun playing with those new ideas ;)

    1. thanks! I hope to have a collection of fantasy images eventually :) thanks for watching too!^_^

  2. Oh that is so fabulous! Love the colours and the detail :-)

  3. Wow that's really fab! Found your blog through Steph, you've got some great makes! Laura x (cutecrochetedcreations.blogspot.com)

  4. thanks!! I'm so glad Stephs shout out brought you here! :)