Monday, 9 April 2012

T-shirt Customising

Hallo! ^_^

I'm blogging today to share my latest creation, namely my new (old) customised t-shirt ^^
Because I always dive into everything head first and have very little patience (:P) I completely forgot to photograph this project as I was doing it, all I've got to share is the finished product, but I hope you like it anyway :)

A while ago I bought a plain white t-shirt from Asda because it came with a groovy waistcoat (can't remember the last time I wore the waistcoat!)... I don't like white, white to me is a blank canvas, so with a little time and imagination I decided to do this to it:

It's covered in my favourite imagery, quotes and lyrics, I basically poured my soul out onto it :) It felt good to let go and not worry about rules and composition as I was going for the free for all, anything goes approach :)

The quotes and lyrics include:

'A smart girl leaves before she is left:

'Everybody loves you when you're six foot in the ground'

'The Devil wants to fuck me in the back of his car'

'Viva Kazz Vegas'

'I wana fuck you like an animal'

'They don't give a fuck about you like I do'

'Tear a hole exquisite red, fuck the rest and stab it dead'

'If there is a hell I'll see you there'

'Be careful what you pretend to be'

'Poisoned to my rotten core, too fucked up to care anymore'

'The clouds will part and the sky cracks open and God himself will reach his fucking arm through'

'Some of them wana get used by you'

'Happiness isn't happiness without a violin playing goat'

'You may have noticed I'm not all there myself'

'Curiouser and curiouser'

'Think pink'

Apologies for the strong language :P Some of the quotes and lyrics you may recognise, but I never reveal exactly where I get my influences from so if you don't know some of them, sorry it's a secret :P

Some other pictures:

Back view, I did this by cutting up the middle of the back and cutting strips on the left and right sides, then I tied them together in double knots :)

And that's it :) I'm pretty proud of it, it's cool knowing it's the single only one of its kind in the entire universe :)

I've got loads of ideas for future customised tees but I need to get hold of some fabric dye and lots more white t-shirts!! Other projects I'm doing atm include an A2 size painting which I'll be sure to blog when it's finished so watch this space ^^

Ciao for now :D


  1. Total one of a kind! I love it :-)

    I agree white is sooo boring! Colour is my thing, I have 14 tattoos and not one is black, I'm a walking rainbow, lol!

    Lori xx

  2. thanks, glad you like it :) i'm really pleased with it ^_^ colour tattoos are the way forward!! i don't like plain black or black and grey ones at all :P

  3. Wow! That is really cool Kazz! Totally unique and utterly brilliant ^_^