Thursday, 15 March 2012

Shameless Self Promotion and Other Adventures


I'm quite happy to say that lately I've been rather busy being very creative. I've been working on some funky drawings and taking snazzy pictures to send a to a friend who lives in America, I thought it might be fun to share them here too ^_^

Bournemouth Eye, locally famous hot air balloon tourists ride on :)

Giant ice cream cone in Bournemouth Gardens ^_^

River Bourne, the towns namesake :)

Crazy Golf Course.. I'm VERY good at crazy golf :P

These mosaic tiles were designed by various school kids to raise awareness about AIDS

Bournemouth Pier, something like a billion years old ^^

Fabulous merry-go-round on display all year long :)

All the carousel horses have their own names, I love them ^_^

More of Bournemouth Gardens :)

Avery :) all these exotic birds are paid for by donations from the public :)

Canadian Geese at Poole Parkm first time I'd ever seen them ^_^

Groovy Freaky Duck!!

Pretty swan ^_^

Cool statue man

Me and my friend showing off in front of cool statue man :)

Boats at Poole Harbour :D

I've done one drawing already inspired by own little tourist adventure :) I'm working on more, it's pretty cool to get out and about and properly take in where you live sometimes, it's definitely going to be helping me make some new art ^_^

Tomorrow I'm off to a new gallery opening hoping to soak up some more culture and influence, I really need to get my hands on a bloody scanner so I can update my drawings as I do them instead of having to do it in bulk at the library >< *needs to win the lottery*

I've also finally started to update my Zazzle shop!! feel free to pay it a visit for any merch you might need with a Psyko twist :D I'm willing to take commissions and ideas so feel free to suggest anything!! :)

That's all from me at the mo, I'm off to make a cuppa tea and start on a new drawing :)



  1. Hi Kazz,
    just to let you know I've awarded you a blog award ^_^ If you want to nab it and take part you can find it on my blog..if not tis all good ^_^

    1. i'll head over there now, i'm greatly intrigued :P x