Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Raggedy Stuie and Birthday Shenanigans

Hallo!! ^_^

Been a while since my last blog update because I deliberately waited until my brother Stu's birthday was all over with :) He turned 22 yesterday and to comemmorate it we had a 3 part celebration including a visit to the Circus of Horrors :D unfortunately no flash photography was allowed so I can't share them but I urge you all to see it if it's ever at your town, it's brilliant!

Anyhoo I decided a Circus of Horrors ticket wasn't enough so I made him a rag dolly version of himself too and called him Raggedy Stuie ^_^

Here he is:


Needless to say he was pretty happy with him ^_^

He's also a mahoosive Hello Kitty fan....

Hello Kitty Clock ^_^

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake!! ^_^

Hello Kitty Cupcakes! ^_^

(Part of) His Hello Kitty collection :)

Later on he decided to chill and watch some telly with his new friend ^^

And later Raggedy Stuie got hungry...

I was really glad he liked him so much, so far I've got nothing but rave reviews on him ^_^ he's completely hand stitched and it's made me wana make more and more until my fingers fall off :D So watch this space for lots more rag dollies and quirky toys :)

*Rummages through fabric stores and bargain bins for groovy material and buttons and things*

Until next time pretty people ^_^ 

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  1. ^_^ Fab birthday pics Kazz, really glad little Stuie was well liked. And oh my!!! Hello Hello Kitty goodness!