Saturday, 11 February 2012

~*~*Betty Boop*~*~

Good morning!!

I am up early today as I've managed to turn my sleeping pattern upside down lollers ^^ I've been relatively creative this week and have quite a few projects in line :D

Writing an email to my friend Steph earlier ( I mentioned my enormous Betty Boop collection so I decided to share it :)

Enjoy ^_^

My main collection includes a hench Betty Boop towel, 2 Betty Boop tshirts, 2 Betty Boop keyrings, a Betty Boop mug, a Betty Boop lighter, 3 pairs of Betty Boop socks, 2 pairs of Betty Boop undies, a Betty Boop umbrolly, a Betty Boop coaster, a Betty Boop money box, a Betty Boop glasses case, and a Betty Boop statue ^_^ Most of them have been Christmas and birthday presents from my mum and sister :)

Apologies for showing off my undies so early in the morning :p but it's Betty Boop so it's allowed ^_^

I'm off to sort things out, start new projects and watch Judge Judy for the rest of the day :D

Ta for now x

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  1. ^_^ Wow!That is one fantabulous collection!!Brilliant ^_^